Track Down Fugitives Fast

Arrange for dedicated fugitive recovery services in Monroe, Statesville, Concord & Charlotte, NC

Did a client jump bail on you? Don't panic, our bounty hunter can track them down. Turn to Anytime Bail Agents for professional fugitive recovery services in the Monroe, Statesville, Concord and Charlotte, NC areas. Jumping bail happens when someone posts bail, is released and never shows up for their court date. You can rely on a professional bounty hunter to locate and recover the fugitive that's jumped bail and costing you money. We work quickly and efficiently to track down fugitives.

How does skip tracing work?

Anytime Bail Agents specializes in fugitive recovery services in Monroe, Statesville, Concord, Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Our bounty hunter employs skip tracing and stakeout techniques to find fugitives who have gone off law enforcement radar. We use commercial databases, credit reports, criminal checks and public tax records to track down fugitives who have skipped town. We'll also communicate with previous employers, family members and friends to find out as much about the fugitive as we can.

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