Bail Bonds of Monroe NC

Anytime Bail Agents helps you get out of jail anywhere you are incarcerated in North Carolina. We’ll be there to provide 24/7 bail bond services.

Your freedom is our business and we mean business

Anytime Bail Agents is a company founded on Christian values. We believe that defendants deserve to be with their families while awaiting their court dates. If you can’t afford to post bail, we’ll provide bail bonds to grant you your freedom until your scheduled court appearance.

Fast, 24/7 Services

Arrests can happen anytime, and we want to help you as soon as possible. Once you’re alerted of your loved one’s arrest, call us immediately, so we can process the bail bond and his or her release. Expect us to be by your side right away.

Serving 100 Counties

Anytime Bail Agents serves all 100 counties; we can get to you wherever you are in North Carolina. Take advantage of our intimate knowledge of NC’s bail system. We’ve been helping defendants for years. Trust our indispensable experience.

Low Down Payment

You called us because it’s hard to put together the bail. So, we won’t burden you a sizable down payment. Anytime Bail Agents takes pride in low down payments, which enable many to go free. We offer free quotes, as well.

Compassionate Bail Bond Services in NC

Discreet Services

Expect us to protect your personal information. We follow tight protocols regarding sharing crucial data because we put a premium on your privacy.

Dependable Action

Receive professional services from people that look out for you. Your loved one’s freedom is on the line, so we always give our all.

For Big or Small Bonds

No bail bond amount is too small or too big for us. We extend our services to defendants who need our aid.

Flexible Payment Options

Don’t worry about payment. We accept most credit cards and online payments. Feel free also to discuss other payment methods with our team.


Anytime Bail Agents walks you through the requirements to get your loved one out of jail, plus the conditions entailed by the bond.

Respect and Kindness

Give your loved on the respect he or she deserves. We’re a company founded on Christian values, and we treat everyone compassionately.

What our client say

I appreciate you for assisting us, even though the hour was very late. We were afraid our son would spend the night in jail but, thankfully, you came and helped us out. We’re very, very grateful.

Grace-Anne D.

I’m thankful for the reasonable amount you charged. We couldn’t afford a huge down payment, so I’m glad you were very understanding of our situation. I’ll recommend you to anyone who asks around.  

Joey S.